What Is The Cheapest Self Storage Solution?

When it comes to self storage, one of the most common questions we hear is ‘how much will it cost?’ And while we understand why this is one of the most important things you want to know, it’s also one of the more challenging things to ask us. Because if you want to choose the cheapest self storage solution, you may end up a little disappointed. So today we wanted to show you want each price bracket will get you in self storage, and what goes into choosing the price for your unit.


Types of Self Storage

Rental Storage: Smaller, one off storage that is usually rented privately from the owner, or even an estate agent. For example, you can rent garages or areas of warehouse space for storage. These spaces can work well for some, but every aspect of the storage, from access to security, is all up to you. 

Container Yards: Container storage yards are often found in slightly out of the way areas, and are literally fields full of shipping containers, ringed with fencing and a gate for security. Rental space can vary from 40 to 120 square feet, and access is fairly simple. You will have access to your own container within set hours, and you will need to be able to load and unload yourself.

Self Storage Facilities: These are large warehouses that have been sectioned into rooms of various sizes. These are usually modern buildings that have been constructed with self storage in mind, and may have some office space and basic amenities on site as well. They have their own security and access policies, and buildings are maintained and cared for by the parent company. 

Furniture Depositories: This is a more specialist type of storage, mainly for those who have large amounts of furniture to store. It’s usually businesses that will utilise these, but if you’re moving between properties then they can also be useful. They are typically very spacious warehouses with good storage conditions and security. Great if you have a lot to store, but not if you can’t fill the space.


What Goes Into a Price 

So, those are the different types of self storage you can go for. And each one of those will have its own price bracket, so you should be able to find the cheapest self storage option fairly easily. But more often than not, the very cheapest option isn’t what you want. That’s because those slightly more expensive (but still very reasonably priced) units might not be any fancier inside (an empty space is an empty space after all), but everything around it will be better, higher quality. For example, included in that higher price is:


Security: This is the big one. Your cheaper options will have minimal security, if any at all. The mid and top bracket facilities will have dedicated buildings, security and CCTV systems, security guards and other measures designed to keep your belongings safe.

Climate Control: The level of climate control you get depends on the facility, but most will at least keep your unit away from the elements, and in a heated/air conditioned building. This means your belongings will be secure from extremes in the weather, and you can store a wider range of things in there.

Parking & Loading: Simple things, but with a slightly higher price you get dedicated parking in a convenient place to load into your unit, as well as trolleys and loading equipment to move things to and from your unit safely.

Locks: Depending on the facility, you may be provided with a unique lock for your unit, which is then yours to keep. This gives you extra security, and makes the whole moving in process a lot simpler for you.

Location: The facilities with slightly higher price tags are often the ones in better locations. We don’t mean they’re in the swanky part of town – we mean they are in a dedicated building, in a relatively central area, or at least easily accessible. A lot of the cheaper facilities will be in out of the way areas, sometimes in the middle of fields, in order to keep costs that low.


So you see, there’s a lot more to consider than price when you’re looking for the cheapest self storage solution. A better way to look at it is what is the cheapest in your budget that you are willing to go – as this will help you rule out some of the facilities that just won’t be suitable for you. At Blue Box Storage we pride ourselves on offering outstanding facilities and service at fair prices. No matter what your budget or what you need to store, we will have something to suit your needs. To find out more, just get in touch with us today.

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