Blue Box Packaging Solutions


  • Small Storage Box

    Doubled walled for extra strength

    Ideal for clothing and bits and pieces

  • Medium Storage Box

    Doubled walled for extra strength

    Ideal for those larger bits and pieces

  • Large Storage Box

    Doubled walled for extra strength

    Ideal for bedding and cushions

  • Small Moving Box

    A small double wall box for short term use and lighter items.

  • Medium Moving Box

    A mid sized double walled moving box great for short term storage or moving.

  • Small Archive box

    Best for books or heavy items

  • Medium Archive box

    Ideal for books all sizes, papers or heavy items

  • Large Archive Box

    Ideal for books, papers or heavy items

  • Wardrobe Box

    Flat pack double wall wardrobe boxes complete with plastic hanging rails, ideal for removals, home & storage use.

  • 24 Litres

  • 32 Litres Under Bed Box

  • 45 Litres

  • 80 Litres

  • Small Postage Box L14

  • Medium Postage Box L28

  • Medium Postage Box L36

  • Large Postage Box L42

  • Cardboard Bubblewrap

    By the Metre

    750mm wide

    Our paper bubble wrap is made up of 100% recycled and biodegradable materials. This product is a great replacement for traditional bubble wrap. It will give ample padding to smaller items such as cups and plates and other delicates. It can also be used as great void fill.

    Once you are done just put it in the recycling.

  • Large Bubble Wrap

    By the Metre
    750 mm wide

  • Small Bubble Wrap

    By the Metre

    750 mm wide

  • Foam Wrap

    750 mm wide

    Foam wrap is a resilient, clean, non-abrasive and light weight packaging material to protect against scratching, marring and abrasion.

  • Large Bubble Wrap

    By the Roll
    750 mm x 45 m

    Large bubbles are great for using on your TV, your framed artwork and avoid filling large empty spaces in your moving boxes. Since these bubbles are the largest and bulkiest to work with, you’ll find they’re more about cushioning heavy items and will absorb the most amount of vibration and shock impact.

  • Small Bubble Wrap

    By the Roll
    750 mm x 100m

    Small bubbles are best used for surface protection and light cushioning. Think about using the small bubbles for wrapping your trinkets, placing a layer between dishes as a cushion barrier, and as an effective form of stress therapy through popping the bubbles.

  • Corrugated Cardboard

    By the Metre
    750 mm wide

    Corrugated cardboard is a clean and light weight packaging material. It is ideal for wrapping around, or interleaving between products in boxes or containers.

  • Dust Sheet

    By the Metre
    Heavy Gauge 6' wide

    Polythene dust sheet is general purpose plastic sheets designed to protect items in storage against dust and moisture and are also ideal to be used as floor covering for use whilst building and decorating to protect surfaces.

  • Packing Tape

    Paper packing tape

    50m x 48mm

    Fully recyclable, our paper tape is strong and secure whilst saving on the plastic waste.

  • Packing Tape

    Fragile/Handle with Care
    50mm x 66m

  • Packing Tape

    50mm x 66m

  • Tape Gun


    Great if you have lots of boxes to make up. No need for scissors or tearing it with your teeth.

  • Biodegradable Peanuts

    Biodegradable Polystyrene Fill
    Per cubic foot

  • Mattress Covers

    King Size mattress cover

  • Sofa Covers

    Up to 3 seater

  • Corner Protectors

    Set of 4. Expandable to fit any size picture frame. Multiple sizes available.

  • Rolls of Shrink Wrap

  • Tissue Paper

    10 sheets

  • Marker Pen

    Chisel tip

  • Scissors

    Stainless steel

  • Polypropylene Twine

    Per metre

  • Padded Envelope

    Sizes A5, A4 and A3

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