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Helpful Hints

Whether you are moving, redecorating, or just making some space being organised can help you make the most of your time and money and help you stay relaxed. Remember we are here to help you, so please just let us know how.

Moving in at Blue Box Storage is simple. All we require is:

  • Two forms of identification a driver’s licence or passport, and a utility bill
  • A refundable security deposit (equivalent to one month’s hire) and the first month’s hire in advance
  • The value of the belongings you would like to store or a copy of your insurance policy if you have arranged your own cover. We have a guide on insurace here.
  • A padlock – either bring one from home or select one from our range of padlocks on-site

Below are some basic tips for moving packing and storing which we hope will make your move easier!


Don’t procrastinate. You all know who you are. Get organised early.

Select and reserve your storage unit with us. We can take a reservation free of charge up to 2 weeks in advance and up to a month with a security deposit. This will ensure you get what you need.

Completing all the paperwork in advance eases your move with us and saves time on the day.

If you are having building work done, give yourself a few extra weeks before and after the date to move everything into storage and plan for those inevitable delays.

If you are moving begin boxing things up weeks before your move to speeding things us on the big day. You can also use storage as an opportunity to show your house off to its full potential.

Book your removers well in advance. They are busy people and having it all arranged will ensure you don’t end up doing it yourself.

If you are moving Inform your gas, electric, TV, telephone and water suppliers of your moving date. Don’t forget the post – the Post Office has a forwarding service.

Some removal companies will pack for you. Its lovely to not have to spend days packing boxes and have someone sweep in on the day and carefully pack everything away and unpack it at the other end, but cost and availability are the deciding factors here.

It will be very expensive so you will save money packing everything yourself but even just packing small items and disassembling larger furniture like beds yourself in the weeks beforehand will reduce the cost as it is very time-consuming for the removers.

Use quality boxes. Supermarket boxes may seem like a saving, but they don’t stack well and often collapse.

Label everything! When you’ve filled a box, write a label (or write on it) what’s inside, in as much detail as you can. Make sure you write labels for all sides of the box, that way it doesn’t matter which way it goes in.

Always fill a box. Never overfill, as they bulge and will be difficult to stack. Under filled boxes can collapse when stacked so try to fill or at least support each box from the inside.

Use the right size box for the job. Remember books and clothing are heavy, don’t use the biggest box or pack it so full it can’t be moved.

Store books flat to protect the spines and alternate the spine position to keep the stack level. Small precious objects should be carefully wrapped with bubble wrap or newspaper and boxed. Stereo arms should be secured.

Fragile items should be protected. Used bubble wrap or paper to stop them rattling around in transit.

Lampshades should be stored separately and covered, don’t use newspaper for this though, as the ink may stain the shade!

Clothing and linen should be clean, dry and folded. Store either in boxes or in drawers or suitcases. Some special items, such as quality curtains and posh frocks are better hung and we have special wardrobe boxes with hanging rails for this purpose.

Fridges and freezers should be cleaned and fully defrosted and stored with the doors slightly open.

Washing machines should be cleaned and fully drained, use the travel bolts if you still have them.

Cookers should be thoroughly cleaned before storing. Bag up any loose parts and stick them and the instructions to the appliance.

Vehicles or machinery should be drained of oil and petrol.

You cannot store

  • Perishables – e.g. foodstuffs, plants, animals
  • Inflammable items – e.g. explosives, gas bottles, petrol cans, oil.
  • Illegal Items
  • Any liquids

Efficient, careful packing and stacking saves space and money.

Large items such as sofas and mattresses can be stored on their ends. Use dust sheets or mattress bags to keep them clean and cover the floor before pushing your prize cream sofa arm across the floor!

Remember wardrobes and drawers are full of air. Store inside your furniture to save space. Stacked well you can also store on top of them.

Store heavier items at a lower level, to save lifting and so they don’t crush what’s below them, e.g. stack a fridge on top of a washing machine, not the other way around.

Place items you may need regular access to the front of your unit – it will save frustration and time at a later date.

Go for uniformity. Stack like boxes on like, or smaller on top of larger – not larger on top of smaller.

In large deep units leave narrow passageways to allow access to the depths. No one wants to unpack their whole unit for the sake of that one box.

Many people just use self storage to make some extra room around the house.

Finally make use of the extra bedroom, with a little one on its way?

Clear out the loft for that long dreamed of conversion.

Often people just store seasonal items such as winter clothes, tents, and Christmas decorations.

When selling your property the advice today is to show your property off to its full potential. It may be your lovely home with all your personal bits and pieces, but a lot of the time your buyers don’t want to see that. All they are interested in seeing is what they could do. Plus, an uncluttered house sells much quicker. You can either organise the decluttering yourself or get professional in to do it for you, these companies will dress your house and help you make the best of your house for a quick sale.







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