Compulsory Insurance for for Blue Box Self Storage


When you take self storage, insurance for your belongings is compulsory.

You can either insure your belongings through us at Blue Box Storage and we offer some of the best rates in the industry. Alternatively, if you have your own cover through your house insurance or business insurance you are welcome to use that, we just need to see a copy of the policy when you move in.

Insurance with Blue Box Storage

At Blue Box Storage we offer all our customers a competitive insurance option. To value your belongings you can list out all of the high-value items you are looking to store and the replacement value of each item if you had to replace it new or with a similar item in the case of an antique for example. You may be surprised how much you really have. Then round value up to the nearest £1000 and you will have a good estimate of the value. You can see a more detailed guide here.

It may be tempting to reduce the value to save yourself money but in the unlikely case that you do need to make a claim then being underinsured will lead to upset and a reduced payout. We would strongly advise that you value your belongings accurately for your peace of mind.

Insuring yourself

If you would like to  your goods insurance, this must:

• Be organised prior to bringing your goods on to the site.

• Not lapse whilst the goods remain on site.

• Insure the goods against all normal perils under a valid contract of insurance.

• Be with a reputable insurance company for their full replacement value.

• Not be for a sum that is lower than the replacement value of the goods stored in the room at all times.

You can also see a more detailed guild on insurance here.

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