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What are The Best Storage Solutions to See You Through Parenthood?

Parenthood is an incredible experience, filled with opportunities to create precious memories, impart wisdom on a new generation, and discover new adventures. However, nothing quite prepares you for the amount of clutter that comes with having a child of your own. 

As your child grows, their bedroom won’t be able to contain all the toys, clothes, furniture, and even precious mementos you want to keep stored away alone. Even if you commit to regular spring cleaning sessions, you’re going to need to find another way to expand and optimise your storage solutions. Fortunately, we’re here to help. 

Here’s your guide to some of the best storage solutions you can consider if you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed. 

Vertical Storage: Maximise your Wall Space

One of the biggest problems parents face when it comes to finding adequate storage for their children’s belongings, is that even the biggest house only has so much floor space. Too many storage containers, cupboards and closets can quickly make your home feel cramped. Not to mention, they present a major tripping risk for your little ones (and you). 

The alternative option? Think vertical. Install shelves that go all the way from your floor to the ceiling, and store your most fragile items at the top (away from little fingers). Rather than investing in countless boxes, buy a storage wall you can customize with drawers and open segments. 

You could even look into hooks that you can hang on your walls for towels and coats, as well as school bags and other items usually thrown onto the floor. In the garage, you can even use storage hooks to mount bicycles on the wall, so they don’t get in the way when you’re searching for your lawn mower or trusty gardening tools. 

Get Bespoke Solutions Installed 

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish than hooks, shelves, and boxes, bespoke installations could be a great choice. Switching free-standing shelving units to your own perfectly-fitted storage components might even help boost the value of your home in the eyes of buyers. 

The great thing about this strategy is you don’t need to worry about measuring free-standing wardrobes and cupboards to get the right fit for your children’s bedrooms, lounge, or any other area of the house. Plus, you bypass the safety risk of free-standing storage units. 

If you take up the entire wall with your storage solution, you can use it for everything from toys, to old clothes your children aren’t currently wearing, and even books or boardgames. The biggest downside of this method is the expense of paying for an expert to handle the installation. 

Explore Multi-Functional Home Furniture

Today’s furniture manufacturers know how valuable extra space can be. That’s why there are so many solutions out there that combine comfort and aesthetic appeal, with practical storage solutions. Ottomans and hollow footstools are great for storing toys, books, and other children’s belongings. Sofas and beds with built-in storage components are fantastic for storing cushions and linens. 

You can find some beds that include pull-out desks, or flat-screen televisions. Alternatively, what about switching your child’s current bed for a solution that has it’s own pull-out desk built-in, as well as some drawers and shelves for nick-nacks?

You can find multi-functional coffee and dining tables with their own storage sections, as well as “fold-up” options that you can hide away when they’re not in use. The options are practically endless. 

Transform a Loft or Attic

One of the best ways to give yourself more storage space, is to take advantage of the rooms you already have, that aren’t being used to their full potential. For instance, if you have a loft or attic, adding a few wooden boards to the floor gives you the opportunity to store plenty of boxes and bags full of seasonal clothing and toys out of the way of prying fingers. 

Alternatively, if you have a garage that you’re currently using for nothing but your car, your bikes, and a few spare tyres, you can install shelves towards the ceiling that you can use as extra storage space. You might even decide to convert your entire garage into an extra room dedicated to storage if you can park your car safely on the drive instead. 

Once again, the major issue here is the cost of having a room converted by a professional, and it’s worth noting you may have to apply for planning permission for some conversions. 

Build an Extra Room

If your loft and garage are already full to the brim, and you’ve made the most of every inch of extra “spare space” you have around your property, you could consider an extension. A small extension, specifically designed for storage can be a relatively cost-effective solution if you have the right builder. Alternatively, you could opt for a full conservatory with built-in storage options. 

If adding a room onto your home isn’t an option, but you have quite a large garden, you could look into investing in an outdoor building or summerhouse. These products are similar to a shed, but with windows, and more protection against the elements, as well as the option to add heating and lighting. 

Garden buildings became particularly popular during the pandemic, as they offered convenient office space to home workers. But you can use your cabins and modular buildings for just about anything. 

The Best Storage Solution: Hire a Storage Unit

While all of the options above give you some convenient and creative ways to increase your storage space, they all have their downsides. Hooks and vertical shelves will only take you so far, and modifying your house, even if it’s just with bespoke storage solutions, can cost a lot of money.

The easiest option by far is to simply invest in a self-storage container. A self-storage unit gives you the freedom to move as much clutter as you like out of your home, and into a secure place that you can use for as much time as you like. You can create extra space at home by storing old clothes, toys, and even furniture that you might want access to again later. 

Plus, you can even use your storage unit to store extra belongings during home renovations or updates, such as when you’re painting and redecorating your child’s room!

Reach out to Blue Box Storage today to find out how hiring a storage container can make the clutter of parenthood more manageable. 

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