Securing Your Business Documents

Even paperless offices suffer from paperwork overcrowding at times. Business archives need to be kept for both legal and company reasons, and soon you will find you have years of archived documents cluttering up your office space, spilling out of their filing cabinets or just getting in the way. But that documentation probably contains sensitive information, so it need to be kept safe and secure. Not to mention that you probably need that office space for other things! So today, we wanted to share a couple of the advantages to using a self-storage facility for your business archives.

Make Your Office Look Better

I don’t think I’ve yet met a person who enjoys a messy office, so odds are your clients and employees won’t either! And if you have archived files bursting out of the storage cupboard or piled up on the floor, it’s not creating a great impression of you and your business. Not many people will want to work with you if you seem to be disorganised and not worried about the security of what could be confidential information. Using a storage facility will not only keep your documents safe, but your office will be cleaner and tidier as well.

Boost Employee Productivity

Not only will your clients be happier coming into your offices, but your employees will thank you as well.  According to studies, employees who work in messy offices are up to 72% less productive than employees in cleaner, organised offices, and a quarter of employees also admit to taking sick days because their surroundings make them feel depressed. It’s also been proven that a clean and organised work environment can make employees work harder. By making a small change, clearing out the clutter in your office and storing your business documents safely and securely away, you could dramatically improve your workplace’s productivity across the board. It’s a bit of a no brainer, isn’t it?

Protect Your Documents

If we look beyond the aesthetic and performance issues, there are also some safety concerns to think about. Keeping piles of paper altogether in one place creates a pretty big fire hazard, and in the event of a fire, those documents would go up in smoke very quickly. There are also things like flood damage, natural disasters, theft and vandalism to consider when storing your documents. Since some (if not all) of your stored documents will contain confidential, important information, their safety should be your number one concern. Moving them to a secure storage unit removes this risk completely and keeps your documents safe, while still being under your control. Most self-storage facilitates are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure whatever you keep in your unit is only accessed by you. There has never been a safer way to store your documents.

Get Organised

If you decide to take the plunge and move your documents to a storage unit, don’t just grab the boxes and start loading them in a van. Take this as a chance to get organised, filter out what you really don’t need to keep, and make the job of finding specific documents in the future much simpler. By hiring out a space you will have the opportunity to organise your document archive properly, make sure everything is in the proper place and labelled for easy identification. This simple step could save you hours of searching through piles of paperwork looking for the one piece of paper you need, so it’s worth it in the long run.

At Blue Box Storage, we love helping business owners make the most of their office space by taking the clutter off your hands. We offer a specialist document storage service that will give you the space, security and safety you need to store your critical business archives, without a lot of stress and hassle. To find out more, just visit one of our local centres or get in touch with the team for your free, no obligation quote.

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