4 Storage Hacks To Make 2019 Your Tidiest Year

At Blue Box, we are all about saving space and keeping things tidy. It’s why we opened our doors in the first place! But it’s not all about how you keep your storage unit neat. We want to help you keep your whole life neat, tidy and exactly where you want it to be. So this month, we’ve pulled together some of our best storage tips for around the house (and for self storage) to help make 2019 your tidiest year yet.

Go Seasonal, And Vacuum Pack Fabrics

Clothes, bedding, tablecloths – all of these things take up a lot of space in your home, volume wise. This makes them particularly difficult to store, and can leave you with overflowing cupboards. So if you’re looking to neaten up your cupboards and claw back some precious storage space, we have the ultimate solution. First, for things like clothing or bedding, separate it out into seasons. Thicker bedsheets won’t be needed in summer, and neither will your big thick jumpers and woolly scarves. When the weather turns, pack up all of your seasonal clothes and pop them into a vacuum pack bag. Attach your vacuum and watch your clothes shrink down to a fraction of their original size. You can then store this compressed bag anywhere, including areas like lofts or under the stairs, without them getting dirty, dusty or damaged.

Take Photos

Storage spaces can be big, sprawling, messy things, even if you only opt for a little unit. And you can guarantee that as soon as you put something in, you’ll need it the next day and not be able to find it. A simple way around this is to take photos of your unit, and where things are. Then for each individual box, take a photo of the contents, print it out and stick it on the outside of the box. You could even slip it into a plastic wallet if you’re worried it will rip. This is a simple yet very effective way to make sure you don’t have to go digging through every box in your unit looking for that one thing. Just look at the photo on the front of the box until you find the one you need.

Learn How To Fold

If you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s docuseries ‘tidying up’, then you’ll know exactly what that title means without going any further. You see, there is an art to folding clothes, underwear and anything even socks that will save you space, make sure everything is neat and that you can see everything, all at once! It’s called the KonMari method of folding, and can be applied to almost anything. You can read more about it here, or watch this fantastic video demonstrating the technique. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never fold anything the old way again!

Press Jewellery In Cling Film

If you’re putting jewellery into storage, or if you just have a lot of jewellery that you don’t wear often, it’ll be tempting to just throw it all in a jewellery box and call it a day. But the chains of necklaces and bracelets have a secret life, and they will tangle themselves up almost as soon as you close the lid on the box. Cue hours of teasing and untangling the next time you want to wear one. To avoid a knotty mess at home or in storage, there is a simple solution. Spread out a big sheet of cling film on a plastic surface, and then lay all of your jewellery out on it, leaving gaps in-between. Then put another sheet of cling film on top and press them together. Thanks to the stickiness and suction, chains, bracelets and earrings won’t be able to move, let along tangle. You can now roll this up (gently), wrap it in tissue and pop it in a box, safe in the knowledge that everything will still be individually wrapped when you open it again.

At Blue Box Self Storage, we’re full of handy tips and tricks like that for you and your home. Our expert storage staff are all avid tidiers, with lots of tips and tricks up their sleeves to help you make the most of your storage space. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today and get your free, no-obligation quote, with some tidying tips thrown in!

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