Organising Your Storage Unit

We have a question for you. Do you know everything that’s in your storage unit, and more importantly where to find it all? Storage space is incredibly useful for a lot of things, but only if you can keep it organised. An organised storage unit means that you know what’s in your unit, where it all is and you can access it easily. Not only that, but really organising your space can actually save you money! With self-storage you pay for floor space, so having everything organised means you can fit more into a smaller space, and you can delay upgrading your unit. But how do you organise your storage unit?


The first step to keeping your storage unit organised is to ask yourself what you really need in there. It’s all too easy to put things in storage and forget about them, especially if it’s something you just weren’t sure you wanted throw away. For example, clothes that don’t fit maybe shouldn’t go into storage – they can be sold or donated instead. The same applies to books, notes, furniture and accessories. When packing up your belongings for your unit, ask yourself, do I really need to keep this? After all, every item removed from your storage unit is extra space.

Use The Same Size Boxes

Boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it’s all too easy to end up with a collection of different boxes that don’t fit together well. This leads to unstable stacks, or lots of boxes all over the floor because they won’t stack together. Instead, choose one brand of box (and one size if you can) and stick with it. The best type are the ones that interlock with each other, as they are more secure and usually more sturdy.

Label Everything

One of the most common issues we hear from clients is that they don’t know where anything is in their units, so they have to pull the whole thing apart every time they want to find something. This is stressful, time consuming and ultimately not good for anyone! So once you have everything in boxes, we recommend you label everything. Create a list of what’s in all of your boxes, and create labels for each one. You should label the top and at least 2 sides of each box, so that you can see what’s in it from any angle. If you’re storing because of a move, you can just label each box with the room it’s for to make moving and unpacking at the other end a breeze!

Organise By Size

Putting things in your unit randomly is just a recipe for chaos. It often means it’s much harder for you to find items when they’ve been in there in a while, let alone access and unpack them. Instead, try putting items in your unit in order of size and frequency of use. So the things you won’t need to access often should go at the back, with larger items on the bottom. This leaves the front of your unit free for smaller items and things you’ll need to access more frequently. When you’re stacking boxes, make sure the biggest box is on the bottom and the boxes get smaller as you go up.

Invest In Shelving

If you want to create extra space and make the most of your upright space, one thing you can do is invest in shelving. Shelving units can give you a lot of extra space in your unit and give you a safe place to store smaller items and boxes where they won’t be damaged, or at risk of falling. You could use it for just one side of your unit or all around, but either way it will help you really optimise your space.

Keep A ‘Tidy’ Box

Finally, have a single box at the front of your unit that’s just for essentials. This should contain everything you need to keep your storage space organised and clean. A few things you could keep in here include a pen, labels, packing tape, a dustpan and brush, cloths and a bottle of cleaning spray. Keeping a box means you can keep these items accessible, and it will be much easier to keep your space organised every time you visit.

Remember, the here goal is to keep your unit organised and make it as easy as possible. With the tips above you’ll be well on your way to an organised unit – but please do use your own ideas as well! Everyone has their own ideal way of organising things, so make sure you do what’s best for you. At Blue Box, we can provide everything you need to keep your storage unit tidy and organised, and our staff are always happy to provide you with tips and tricks! If you’d like to know more, just get in touch with the team today.

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