4 Reasons You Need A Self Storage Unit This Christmas

We will be the first to say that storage units are a year-round solution. But there is one time of year that they really come into their own. When absolutely everyone can benefit from having a secure space away from home, and the very nature of a storage unit can be incredibly handy. We’re talking, of course, about Christmas. Not sure how you would use a self storage unit at Christmas time? Here are a few ideas.

Keep it a Surprise

We all love a good surprise. But we also all know the child who will tear the house apart, top to bottom, in search of presents before the big day. Maybe you were that child once upon a time! So rather than trying to stay one step ahead in moving presents every day, or resorting to pulling up the floorboards in an effort to keep your gifts a secret, why not make sure that there are no presents in the house to find? No, we don’t mean leaving the shopping until Christmas eve! A self storage unit makes the perfect little hidey-hole for gifts and treats, keeping them away from prying eyes and safe from curious fingers. Especially if said gifts are a bit on the big side! So you can keep the presents a secret until early Christmas morning.

Free up Space

There’s no denying that things get a bit crowded around the house at Christmas. With lots of festive decorations, finding a spot for one (or more) 6-foot trees, piles of presents and relatives coming to stay, you might start to feel the squeeze sooner than you think. A storage unit gives you a place to put those bits of furniture you needed to move to make room for the tree, or the extra festive supplies you might need, but weren’t sure, and don’t want crammed in the house. Keep your belongings safe and enjoy some space in your home this year.

Protect Your Decorations

When the 12 days of Christmas is over, what do you do with your decorations? Do you laboriously take them all down, wrap up the lights, pack everything carefully away and stack them up neatly somewhere safe? If you do, we applaud you, because most people don’t! In reality, most people will pull them all down and stuff them in a box in the loft or a cupboard ready for next year. Not only does this cause the inevitable tangle of Christmas lights that future you will have to fight with, but when next year comes you will probably discover that some of your favourite ornaments have been broken, bent or shattered as the box was shifted throughout the year. A storage unit gives you a safe, clean and secure space to store your decorations for the remaining 11 months of the year, so that you can enjoy them fully next Christmas.


If you play host to family and friends over the festive season, you know just how hectic things can get. And when some people stay for a day, a week or maybe even the whole month, the bags, presents and general clutter that comes with them can build up fast, taking up more space than you might think. The last thing you want to do is spend Christmas scrambling for places for people to sit, squeezing people into cramped rooms to sleep or creating dangerous piles of presents that might get damaged. But if you declutter your home a week or so before company arrives and store it all in a storage unit, you can relax and enjoy the space fully.

Give Yourself Wrapping Space

Are you one of those people who end up spending Christmas Eve wrapping presents just so you can be sure that the kids (or your partner) won’t walk in and ruin the surprise? Don’t worry – we understand! And over the last few years we’ve noticed some resourceful people taking that battle to a new level, and using their storage unit as a wrapping space. Whether it’s because they’ve run out of room on the living room carpet to stretch out the wrapping paper or you’re losing tags in the furniture, moving your wrapping to a storage unit can solve all your problems. And it’s even more ideal for those big presents that are a bit harder to wrap subtly – like bikes or pianos.

At Blue Box Self Storage we want to make sure you have the best Christmas possible especially considering how challenging the last 2 years have been. Our units are available on both short and long term rentals, starting at just one week, so you can store for as little or as long as you like. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team today.

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