Hot storage tips for a cold British winter

No one likes to hear it, but summer is well and truly over.

The nights are drawing in, we’re defiantly putting on jumpers instead of the heating, and well, mince pies have been on the supermarket shelves for months – even though they go out of date well before Christmas…

So with that in mind, it’s probably time to pack away the summer stuff and, sadly, bring back the winter bedding.

Here are our top five things that can go into storage now that summer seems a mere distant memory:

  1. The BBQ

As much as we loved the burnt burgers (thanks Dad!), the time has come to give up grilling for another year. Clean off any signs of summer, remove any lingering bits of last month’s charcoaled lamb and lock it up in self -storage. Leaving the BBQ to endure the elements with no protection can cause unnecessary damage from rust to rot, but fear not – Blue Box is here for you!

  1. The paddling pool

Yes, no more sipping cocktails on the poolside in Costa del Cove… It’s time to pack up the pool and just be thankful that there was no hosepipe ban this year.

  1. The outdoor furniture set

That white luxurious lounge set that the wife made you spend a small fortune on won’t see next spring unless you store it away soon.

  1. The surfboard

They’ll be no more surfing waves in the sunshine this year. Instead our time will soon be taken up surfing the net for Christmas gifts. And, if you don’t keep your board in from the cold, you’ll soon find yourself asking Santa for a new one.

  1. The hideous holiday purchase

You may have thought it was a stylish sun hat at the time, but that ridiculously oversized sombrero you bought to save your pasty, pale skin from the scorching sun does not look chic on your shelf at home. And, if you refuse to bin it, the next best place is in self-storage.

Until next summer, adios!

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