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Businesses You Can Run From a Storage Unit

As lockdown continues and a huge chunk of the population remain furloughed, a lot of people are starting to look for other ways of making money. Maybe you want to turn your lifelong hobby into a side hustle, or are taking this chance to follow through with that business idea that’s been floating around your head for a while now. But business premises are difficult to come by right now, so you might need to think creatively about how, and where, you run your business from. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for just home or an office. There is a secret option number 3 – a storage unit.  There are a huge number of businesses that can be run from a storage unit, or using a storage unit as your primary location. This means you don’t have a lot of mess and stock lying around your home (or office), and can run everything smoothly. If you don’t believe us, here are just a few of the businesses we’ve worked with to run their businesses out of our storage units.


Online Retailers

Pretty much any business that sells products online – be it on amazon, eBay, Etsy or through their own website – needs somewhere to store their stock. And it’s very unlikely that you want to store it in your own home! Whatever you sell (as long as it’s not a prohibited item), you can store it in a storage unit. From clothes and books, sport9ing goods, toys, games, craft materials – anything and everything can be stored in a storage unit. You can install racking to make sure it stays organised, and if you want to really keep work and home separate, you can even create a little packaging station for yourself in the unit, so you can handle everything from the unit and none of it needs to seep into your home life.


Furniture/ Antique Sales 

Collecting and selling vintage items, from clothes to furniture, can be a lucrative business. But none of those items are small – and definitely can’t be stored in your spare room! A storage unit means you can collect as much stock as you want, ready for you to deliver to buyers, without worrying about space. You can also request extras, like temperature control, and the added security of a storage unit means you won’t have to worry about your stock being damaged, lost or stolen either.


Event Organisers 

Organising events can be a fantastic job, but it does require a lot of collateral. From business cards and flyers to signage and full exhibition spaces, there’s a lot of stuff to cart around – and then to store when you aren’t in event season. Keeping all of your advertising and events equipment in a central location means you can access them close to home, or you could opt to have a unit in each area you run events in, so that the equipment you need is available where you need it.



Crafting things to sell requires not only a lot of time, but a lot of resources, equipment, materials and space to store it all. A storage unit allows you to buy in bulk and store what you don’t immediately need to use, so you always have a good supply of materials to dip in and out of when you need to. Plus, once you’ve finished making something, you can store it in your unit until it’s bought, or ready to ship as well, so you won’t have crafts lying around the house risking getting broken or lost.


Sports Clubs

Anything to do with sports requires a lot of equipment – and that means a lot of space. If you’re planning to run an after-school or breakfast sports club, or a weekend club, then you would benefit from using a storage unit in a central location to store your equipment. Since units can be accessed 24/4, and are fully secured, you can come and go as you please, without having to live with a car or garage full of equipment. Plus, you’ll be able to retrieve your gear early enough to get to the school on time!


At Blue Box Self Storage, we are always happy to support local businesses, and give them the space they need to operate properly. Our storage units are available to rent right now, with contactless service from beginning to end. So if you want to make your new business a reality, give us a call and see how we can help.

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