5 Tips For Surviving Home Improvements

We’ve been in lockdown for a while now, so it’s no surprise people are starting to look at their home a bit more closely. Being stuck inside the same 4 walls means you notice all of those little things you hadn’t seen before, and have ideas for changes and projects that could make you happier with your home. Which all leads to one thing – home improvements!!


Don’t get us wrong, we love home improvements. But they are stressful. Whether you’re doing up a new house you’ve just bought, or trying to bring some life back into your existing home, it’s a big project for you to take on. So to try and make the whole process a bit simpler and easier, we have 5 tips for your next home improvement project.



The best home improvements are organised ones. Take some time to really plan and organise before you (or your contractors) start anything. For example, if you’re having your kitchen redone, then you might want to create a mini-kitchen area elsewhere in the house by clearing a space for a microwave, kettle and portable stove. After all, no one enjoys breakfast with the music of drilling in the background. As well as the big things, try to make sure you organise your belongings so that you have access to everything you need, and it can pay to even organise your diary around the work, so that your everyday life won’t be so disturbed by it.


Cover and Protect

Sanding, filling, painting and general maintenance can all create a lot of mess. Even the simplest of jobs can generate a lot of dust, and chances are that all of that grime will be traipsed through your house. And that’s before you have any builders with their muddy boots come in! Be proactive and protect your floors with plastic sheets. They are cheap, easy to get hold of, and will protect your floors and carpets from being covered in dust and dirt. So they will save you a big cleaning bill too!


Move if Needed

Renovating your house, or even just redoing a room usually means you will be lacking space for a while. But everything getting cramped together can mean some of your prized possessions could be in danger of accidents and damage. If you want to make sure everything is kept safe, it might be worth rehoming it temporarily. If that’s in other rooms, great, but the most sensible solution for most is a self-storage unit. Our units can be rented on a weekly basis, giving you the flexibility to store your furniture for as little or as long as you need, where it will be safe from damage and out of your way.


Keep Neighbours In The Loop

If you’re having major building works done – you know, the kind that are likely to last a while and be a bit noisy, then do yourself (and everyone else) a favour and let your neighbours know what’s going on. This is a particularly good idea if you’re having building work done in an area with young children or students, who might be disturbed by the noise. It’s also worth mentioning this to your contractors, so that they can avoid waking them up on a Saturday morning with a power drill.


Be Patient

We know it can be difficult and frustrating at times, but it will be worth it. With a little patience, your home will look bright, shiny and new, and you’ll soon forget all the stresses that home improvements can bring. So take a deep breath, and remember this won’t last forever.


If you have any questions about self-storage, or would like to enquire about opening your own space, just get in touch with us today.

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