Where Do You Store Your Exhibition Materials?

The sun is coming out and spring is finally in full swing, which means just one thing – it’s exhibition season! For many businesses, exhibitions are a great way to raise awareness of their brand, build connections and even win some new customers. And to be really successful at these events, you need a lot of sales collateral. Stands, roller banners, leaflets, demo units and more. The materials you use for your exhibition are key to making it a success. But they’re also big and bulky, taking up an awful lot of space in your offices. But what if they didn’t have to? Instead of using that storage cupboard for the materials you only use for a few months out of the year, why not look at self storage for your business exhibition materials instead?

Keep Everything Safe

Imagine if you went to get your exhibition materials from their storage cupboard the day before the event, only to find they are damaged? It could be that someone has moved them to get to something else and caused damage, pests could have got in, condensation could have collected, things may have been spilt on them, or they have just been handled a little too roughly, but now you’re left with damaged materials and hardly any time to get replacements sorted. This is one of the biggest risks of storing exhibition materials in your office. With a self storage unit, you can be confident that your materials will remain damage-free and ready to use when you need them. So you don’t have to spend money on new materials every year for exhibition season, and a get some bonus space back in your office.

Ready When You Are

Does this sound familiar? It’s the day before the expo and you’re getting everything ready and packed up for the early start. You go to where the materials should be, but instead, you only find a handful of fliers. So you spend the next few hours running around trying to track everything down, before accepting that you have 90% of your materials, and the rest have been lost or misplaced since your last expo. Using a self storage unit means you’ll have all of your exhibition materials in one place, and there’s no possibility of things being lost or misplaced between exhibitions.

Free Up Office Space

Depending on the type of business you run and how you designed your exhibition stands, your materials could end up taking up a lot of space. And since office space is expensive no matter where you are, the last thing you want is to have to pay for space you’re just using for storage. A self storage unit is much cheaper than office space, and you can choose exactly how much space you need, increasing and decreasing as your needs change, so you only pay for the space you actually need to use. Plus, there’s no limit to the amount you can store, so if you have other materials  or items you need to store, you can. We’ve even had some customers downsize their offices because using self storage meant they didn’t need the larger working space!

Extra Storage

On top of being a great storage solution for your exhibition materials, a self storage unit can be incredibly useful for your general business storage. It’s likely you already have a lot of used storage space in your office, but using a self storage unit means you can use your on-site storage for the things you need to access on a regular basis, while the more infrequently needed items can be kept off-site. This could be stock overflow, storing files, or any other business need you could possibly have!

At Blue Box Self Storage, we specialise in self storage solutions for businesses.  I matter what shape, size or industry your company is, we can provide you with a tailored storage solution that will make your life easier. We can also offer rentable office and meeting space at some locations, so if you need a neutral or mutually convenient place to hold meetings, we can help there too. To find out more just get in touch with your local branch today.

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