Do I Really Need Insurance For My Storage?


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No, not really. But it is a question we get asked an awful lot, and it’s one of the simplest answers we can give. But still, millions of people have their valuable or semimetal items in storage, without any valid insurance. And the thing is, they don’t really understand the risk of that simple choice. By not ticking the insurance box, or by not extending their home cover, they are putting their items at serious risk. I mean, you wouldn’t skip contents insurance on the things in your home, would you? So why would you skip it for the things in storage? Today, we wanted to address this question, and give you some compelling reasons to make sure your self-stored items are all insured.

It Will Save You Money

It seems odd to say that taking out an insurance policy will actually save you money- but if the worst should happen, or something goes wrong, it absolutely will save you money. Often the premiums for the contents of self storage units aren’t very high (although that depends on what you’re storing in them), whereas the cost of replacing or repairing those items can be astronomical. Disasters do happen, circumstances beyond anyone’s control or even mistakes on your apart (we have seen the contents of a storage unit destroyed by an oil spill inside the unit) can cause damage that will be costly to fix. So while it might be a small cost to insure, it can save you a small fortune in restoration or replacement costs.

Protect Your Valuables

At the end of the day, insurance is all about protecting the things most valuable to you in case the worst should happen. Sure, some people use self-storage units as a sort of overspill for their homes if they run out of space. But others will be putting their entire lives into a unit while they move, or storing the equipment they need for a beloved and expensive hobby. Whatever you’re using it for, the items in storage units are usually of too much value (physically or emotionally) or too much use to throw away. But if you’re storing them without insurance, you might as well be throwing them away. After all, there’s no way to replace or restore them unless you can do it out of your own pocket.

Some Self-Storage Units Require It

Even if all of those reasons weren’t enough to convince you, some self-storage facilities won’t actually permit you to store your items with them unless they are insured. This is as much about protecting them as it is about you. If their facility were to suffer some horrific disaster and your uninsured items were damaged, you would blame them and a lengthy legal battle would ensue. But the thing is – the items in your storage unit are still your responsibility. Ultimately, by deciding not to insure your items, you are accepting that responsibility, and potentially setting yourself a long journey for a unit that will take you without insurance. In fact, if you don’t take the insurance offered by the unit, most centres will require evidence that you’ve taken out insurance yourself.

At Blue Box Storage, we pride ourselves on our high quality customer service, which means ensuring all of our customers understand as much about the process as physically possible. That’s why our experts are always on hand to help with any questions you might have about self storage, no matter how small or huge the question may be. For more information, or to get a quote from us, just get in touch with us today.

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