National Bike Week – Maintenance And Storage Tips For Your Bike

Our bike can be one of our most prized possessions. Whether it’s your mode of transport to work, something you keep in the garage for warmer months, or for off-road riding at the weekend; maintaining your bike properly will save you money on unnecessary trips to the mechanic, and will also keep you safe when out on the road. Having a simple understanding of how to look after your bike could come in handy when you find yourself miles from home with a broken chain or flat tyre, so we’ve pulled together five easy tips for maintaining and storing your bike, just in time for National Bike Week.


Clean, Clean, Clean


There is nothing better you can do for your bike than keep it clean and in good condition. Not only will this keep it shiny and looking nice for longer, but it will also help improve the performance of your bike and keep it working properly. Make sure you’re:


  • Giving the rims and brake pads a wash with hot soapy water regular, to make sure nothing is stuck or preventing them from working properly. Dirty brake pads also tend to wear out a lot quicker, so this is a quick fix that could save you a lot of money.


  • Wash and wipe your lights so that they work properly and aren’t diminished.


  • Hose off dirt and grime from winter rides to stop it eroding the paintwork and jamming the mechanisms. Just remember to dry the bike afterwards to prevent rust!


  • Wash the chain to prevent an overload of grease, then dry it properly and lubricate it again to keep it running smoothly.



Check The Brakes


This one should go without saying, but make sure you’re regularly checking your brakes and maintaining them. This means cleaning them, testing that they work for both soft and hard breaking, and making sure the brake pads are positioned properly. If you’ve kept your bike stored away over winter, make sure you give the whole system a full checkup before you ride it for the first time. This is a really simple way to avoid some very nasty accidents.


Test Your Tires


Every cyclist dreads the sounds and feel of their tire exploding on a bike ride. Sometimes it’s unavoidable – particularly if you’re riding in rough areas or high heat, but more often than not some preventative measures can be taken. Before you ride each time, check the tire pressure and look for evidence of bulging or punctures. Invest in a pump with a  gauge to save you a small fortune on mechanic trips to reinflate and repair tires. Pro tip – your rear tire should have more pressure than the front, since it bears the majority of your weight when riding.


Get The Saddle Right


We’ve all been on bikes with an uncomfortable or even unbearable saddle, and for many people that experience has put them off riding a bike for life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re riding your bike a lot of leisure, or if you’re riding for sport, it’s worth investing in a good quality saddle. A good saddle can be the difference between a comfortable, enjoyable ride and a case of haemorrhoids in the morning, so it’s worth doing. Experiment with saddle sizes and styles, as well as getting it in the right position for you. As a rule of thumb, when sat on your saddle you should just be able to touch the group with the tip of your toes.


 Store Securely


Bikes are often a thieves number one target. They’re easy to move (both to steal and sell), difficult to trace and there are so many of the same brand out there that they’re impossible to try and spot when they’re stolen. And all too often they’re left outside in plan view, with nothing protecting them. So this year, make sure you’re storing your bike securely and safely. If you have space, lock it away in your shed or garage, which will protect it from the weather as well as thieves. If you don’t have that kind of space, consider a foldable bike that can store away smaller, or even a smaller storage unit to keep your bike safe and secure.


At Blue Box Storage, we have units of all shapes and sizes that are used to keep bikes safe, from locker sized units for fold-away bikes to double garage sized units for motorcycle collections. If you’d like more information on how to keep your bike safe and secure this month, just get in touch with the team at one of our centres.

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