Keeping Your Unit Clean – Cleaning Tips For Your Storage Unit

Storage units are great places. They are treasure troves of useful things you’d forgotten you owned, placed to keep your prized possessions safe or just a way to give yourself some more space in your house. But if you’re using a storage unit for more long-term storage, it can feel a bit like walking into a dilapidated home – full of dust and old air. And depending on what you’re keeping in there, you could also have creepy crawlies like bed bugs, moths or mites making their home in your possessions. The easiest way to avoid this and make sure your items stay in top condition is to keep your unit clean. Today, we have some tips to help you keep your unit squeaky clean.


Why Clean Your Unit?


It can seem a bit odd, cleaning a storage unit, but hear us out. Dust is the number one reason people give up on cleaning their homes. It can feel like a constant battle to keep things clean, and many people stop trying. But it’s important to prevent a build-up of dust as much as possible, because it can become poisonous. Researchers in America have found 45 potentially toxic chemicals (at least one of which has been linked to cancer) in household dust. So it’s not just an annoyance, it’s a health issue. Now imagine that dust having time to gather in your storage unit (especially if you only visit it once a year), and then breathing all that in when you visit your unit? Not only that, but letting dust build up on your possessions can cause them some pretty severe damage.


Store In Plastic Boxes


One of the best ways to keep the contents of your storage unit clean is to store them in plastic boxes, and elevate them off the ground if you can. Plastic boxes create a secure, sealed environment for your items, and a simple, easy-clean environment for your unit. We do recommend you check everything inside is dry before you seal the box though, as this could cause mould and mildew. Then it’s just a case of cleaning the boxes once every month, or once every few months if you don’t visit often. You can do this with a wet wipe or a microfiber duster, which will capture the dust and dirt instead of just spreading it around. Adding shelves to your unit and keeping the boxes off the ground will help keep air circulation good, and make it easier for you to clean.


Keep Cleaning Supplies In Your Unit


If you have to remember to take cleaning supplies with you every time, you’re never going to keep your unit clean. Instead, it’s worth keeping a small caddy of cleaning supplies in your unit. This doesn’t have to be anything major – a few dusters, a pack of wet wipes, antibacterial surface spray, cloths and a dustpan and brush should cover everything you need. If you have your supplies with you in the unit, you are more likely to keep it clean. You’re also more likely to ‘spot clean’ each time you visit, so you’ll never need to do a ‘deep clean’ until you move out.


Keeping your unit clean has a lot of advantages. It stops your possessions getting damaged by parasites, discoloured by dust or becoming a breeding ground for insects. It also helps keep you safe, and makes it a much easier task to take things in and out o the unit (without getting covered in dust). At blue Box Storage, we do provide a range of cleaning and dust protection items in our reception area, helping you protect your belongings for longer. If you would like to find out more, please just get in touch with us today.

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