Keep your Christmas stress free with a self storage solution

Christmas is almost upon us.

And with that comes the problems of buying the perfect presents, cooking a top turkey and…. dealing with the dreaded in-laws for far longer than we’d like.

Yes, this season is a stressful time. But this year Blue Box Self Storage aims to ensure all is calm and all is bright with some top festive tips: 

1. Hide Christmas presents away from prying eyes

Curious children sneakily searching through the cupboards and wardrobes to find presents can be a problem. So, to save yourself finding half unwrapped gifts when you take them out of their hiding place on Christmas Eve, why not put them in self storage? We can help you keep Christmas a surprise by storing everything from bikes to a new bass guitar.

2. Clear out the clutter and seize back the spare room

Unfortunately, you can’t lock your mother-in-law in self storage, but you can use Blue Box to help you create more space so you don’t go crackers this Christmas. By boxing up all the items you’ve put in the spare room, you can give Granny her own space – giving you some well needed peace and quiet.

3. Unwanted Christmas gifts

Matching onesies? Just what we’ve always wanted… well not exactly. Yes, we all end up with unwanted gifts, so either put them in self storage to save for next year when you’ll have to bring them out again and pretend you still love it, or put them in storage until a reasonable time has passed so you can sell them on eBay. Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul.

4. Festive fancy dress

Yes, here at Blue Box we’ve got Christmas covered! Forgot to make your child a fancy dress outfit for school or just want to keep them quiet for a while? Buy one of our cardboard boxes, cut out some arm holes and cover it in wrapping paper – et voila! You’ve turned a storage box into a stylish fancy dress outfit.

And, as it’s the season of giving, Blue Box Storage is offering 50% off the first month on all rooms in our Farnborough, Hemel Hempstead, Maida Vale and Watford sites. To find out more and keep calm this Christmas, contact us today.

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