Do You Need To Spring Clean Your Storage Unit?

It’s springtime again already, which means you’re probably pulling on the rubber gloves and giving your house a nice thorough cleaning. It’s the first time in months you can throw the windows open, let the fresh air in and really get things clean ready for the warmer months. After all, that’s why it’s called a spring clean! But have you thought about the areas outside your house that need attention? Mainly, your storage unit. That might seem like a strange thing to say, especially if you use the unit purely for storage of stuff you don’t have use or space for at home. Why clean out a unit when it will be just as you left it? Well, it turns out there are a few reasons you might want to spring clean your storage unit.


You Might Find More Space

The single most common use for a storage unit is just that – storage! It’s a place to put all the things you don’t have space for at home. And since you’re paying for every inch, you want to make sure you get your moneys worth. But it’s all too easy to dump things in a unit and then forget about them, so they end up taking up space. Equally, you might change your mind about what you want to keep – or you might look at something in the unit and wonder why on earth you decided to keep that. You might even find things you’d forgotten about and thought you’d lost in there! Spring cleaning your unit is the perfect time to de-clutter, and create a bit more space. Just in time to put your de-clutter items from home in instead.


Keep Business Users Organised

If you use your storage unit for  business purposes, then you may well be in and out quite a lot – especially if you’re running an e-commerce business and using the unit for stock storage. But let’s be honest – you don’t always have time to put everything back in it’s place each time you go in, and after a while things start to get a bit disorganised and messy. Planning to do a ‘spring clean’ the next time you visit will help you keep things organised, and make sure your workflow is as smooth as possible. And if you’re taking customers to the unit to see what you’re selling, a spring clean will make sure it all looks its best.


Prevent Deterioration

Depending on what you actually store in your unit, there may be a risk of damage or deterioration. This is particularly true if you’re storing things made of fabric – like clothes, rugs or furniture. If these aren’t stored properly they can attract insects, moths or even just rot. So taking the time to visit, give the unit a clean and air everything out can stop your items deteriorating. It also stops anything getting too dusty, and means you can check on the integrity of all your boxes as well, replacing any that look damaged or old.


Actual Spring Cleaning 

If you read either of the three scenarios above and felt a twinge of recognition, then actually cleaning our the unit will be helpful for you too. If you happen to get rid of some things and want to add more, it will help you keep things clean and organised.  And the cleaner the unit is before you add items to it, the cleaner those items will remain. For business users, a clean unit keeps everything in it clean as well, and creates a better impression for visitors.


Whether you use your storage unit every day or haven’t been in it in years, there are many reasons you should pay a visit to do some spring cleaning – and it feels great when you’re done! For more storage unit spring cleaning tips, just get in touch with us today.

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