Your Christmas Storage Lifeline

The run-up to Christmas is a magical and very exciting time. It can also get very cramped, very quickly. There is just so much extra ‘stuff’ that enters or moves through our homes during this time, we can find ourselves asking how on earth it all fitted in. That’s where self storage comes in. There are a few ways that a self storage unit can help make the Christmas period a lot easier to manage.

Hiding Presents

If you’ve been particularly proactive this year, you might have got your Christmas shopping done nice and early. However, many of you will also have little-prying eyes peering around, trying to sniff out where you hit the presents before the big day! Bigger Christmas presents (or a large pile) can be difficult and frankly, a little annoying to try and hide in the house, particularly if you’re living in an area where space is at a premium. So if you’re buying a new bike, a big piece of art or a musical instrument, you need a decent space to hide them in. Self-storage can be the perfect solution to sorting resent before the big day – just drop them in the unit and collect them on Christmas Eve, ready or Santa to deliver!

Make Room For Guests

Christmas is a time for family and friends to all gather around the Christmas tree, eat a lot, play games and drink too much. And all of that takes up a lot of room. The tree itself (real or artificial) can take up a lot of space in your home, and you might need to move some furniture to fit everything in. A self storage unit gives you the perfect way to get all of that extra furniture out of the way during the festive period, without filling up your spare room with tables and chairs.  

Storing Your Decorations

When Christmas is over, what do you do with all of those decorations? They might be beautiful when they’re up, but they can take up a fair bit of space and just get in the way. Plus, you want to make sure they’re kept in good enough condition to use again next year! The perfect place for decoration storage has to be a storage unit since they are clean, dry spaces. Simply pack decorations in card or plastic boxes and keep them safe until you get them all out again next year.

If you’ve received new presents that are replacing older items but don’t want to get rid of the older items completely, storing them until you make a decision or find a place to put them may be the best idea. Similarly, if you’ve received presents that you don’t like, keep them in storage until the giver comes to visit and then bring them back out so that you can pretend they’ve been in your home all the time!

If you’re looking for a storage unit over the Christmas period to accommodate any one of these ideas, why not check out Blue Box Storage. With storage units right on your doorstep in Watford, Hemel Hampstead, Maida Vale and Farnborough, they’re perfect for any occasion. Get a quote and start storing today!



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