A Beginners Guide to Self Storage

Over the last few years, self storage space has popped up all over the UK. But as popular as it’s become, we often forget that the concept can still seem a bit alien to someone who’s never come across it before, or needed to use it. At Blue Box Storage, we offer storage spaces and solutions across the south, with centres in Watford, Farnborough, Hemel Hempstead and Maida Vale. So we know storage. But today, we want to make sure you know storage too!

Who Are You?

Firstly, you need to know what kind of entity you are, and why you need the storage space. Yes, we know you’re a human being (we hope!), but the kind of person you are and what you need will affect how you use your storage, and ultimately what you’re looking for.

Businesses choose to use self storage centres like us for a variety of reasons. They might have seasonal stock that they need to store for most of the year, or they might work from home or be sick of their spare room being taken over by boxes! We also see a lot of online retailers who don’t need physical retail or office space, but they do need somewhere to store their stock and run the business day to day. Other businesses might just not be ready for their own premises, but do need some space for stock and a computer to track their inventory. They might need somewhere to send big deliveries when they’re not around, where the receptions staff will be able to accept boxes and keep them safe until they can be unloaded into the unit.

But individuals will come to us with a very different set of problems. They may be selling their home and need somewhere to store their clutter while they have viewings, or somewhere to store all of their boxes during the transition between properties. We have many customers who have run out of storage space at home, but rather than decide they need a bigger house will simply pack up the things they don’t use as often and store them away, getting them out when they need them. They may have recently done a house clearance and need somewhere to store things, downsized the house or simply had a change in family circumstances. We also see a lot of students use storage space over the holidays as they move between accommodations, and a lot of people use storage space to accommodate their hobbies when their home just can’t offer enough space.

So, once you’ve decided who you are and that you need storage, the next question is…

How Does It Work?

As a starting point, we usually recommend you come along to your local centre and take a look at the variety of sizes and types of unit we can offer. This gives you a chance to talk to one of the staff at the centre about what you need the space for as well, and they’ll be able to offer you tips and advice as you go around. Once you’ve decided on the space you need (plus any extras), then we can give you a quote. Or if you think you know what you need from the off, you can get a quote right away. But don’t worry if you move your stuff in and then realise you need more or less space – we can usually work with you to find the perfect unit and move you across.

You can hire out our self storage units on a weekly or monthly basis, or indefinitely. All you need to do is provide us with 14 days notice before you move out. We’ll explain to you about insurance (and why your unit needs it), and each of our centres has their own security systems and processes, which will be explained to you when you visit. You will be asked to provide your own padlock (so that only you have the key), or you can buy one from us in a sealed package. For most of our sites, all you need to access your unit is your key, plus any security codes your site requires.

At Blue Box Storage, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and high-quality storage space to all of our customers. Our sites are clean, secure and easy to get to, with ample parking and loading bays to make moving in and out a breeze. To find out more about our storage solutions, or to get your free quote, just get in touch with the team today.

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