5 Ways To Use Your Self Storage Over Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, full of festivities and wonder. But it’s also a very stressful time for a lot of people, particularly when it comes to finding places to store things. But if you’re looking to make your festive season feel a little calmer and less cluttered this year, we have 5 ways self storage could help you solve your space-related problems.


Clear The Clutter 

There’s no doubt about it – Christmas is a very cluttered time.  On top of everything you already have in your house it’s now full of presents, decorations, reams of wrapping paper and a whacking great tree. And that makes it all feel a bit cramped. If you’d like your Christmas to feel a little less crowded, you can use a storage unit to temporarily rehome some of your less-used furniture and belongings to make room for the Christmas decorations. And once Christmas is over, you can do a swap and keep your Christmas presents out of the house for another year, freeing up loft space for the things you might use more than once a year.


Keep Presents Safe

It’s a sad thing, but the rate of thefts, violent crimes and house burglaries tends to spike at this time of year. This is mainly because it’s the one time of year thieves know people have large amounts of valuable stuff lying around their house, and they also know you’ll be out a lot of the time visiting friends and family, going to Christmas parties or even late-night shopping. If you’ve spent a lot on Christmas this year and you can’t really afford to replace everything if it gets stolen, it pays to be extra cautious. Keeping your presents in a self-storage unit means that they are safe, secure and only you have access, so you don’t have to worry about them being stolen before the big day.


Give Yourself Wrapping Space

Are you one of those people who end up spending Christmas Eve wrapping presents just so you can be sure that the kids (or your partner) won’t walk in and ruin the surprise? Don’t worry – we understand! And over the last few years we’ve noticed some resourceful people taking that battle to a new level, and using their storage unit as a wrapping space. Whether it’s because they’ve run out of room on the living room carpet to stretch out the wrapping paper or you’re losing tags in the furniture, moving your wrapping to a storage unit can solve all your problems. And it’s even more ideal for those big presents that are a bit harder to wrap subtly – like bikes or pianos.


The Ultimate Hiding Place

If you have little ones who like to go on a Christmas present hunt, it can be a nightmare trying to keep their Christmas presents away from them until the big day. But with a self-storage unit, you have the ultimate hiding place at your fingertips. As soon as your parcels start to arrive, you can squirrel them away into your unit. And if you’re having big parcels arrive that would spoil the surprise, why not have them delivered directly to the storage unit? Flexible opening hours and top security means your gifts will be safe and secure, and you can access them any time you like for wrapping and even Christmas Eve retrieval.


Storing Extra Stock

The festive season is a very busy time for every retailer, but for those in a more boutique area, or working with smaller premises, stock storage can be hard to come by. And there’s no better way to use a storage unit than to have somewhere to hold all of your festive stock, so you never run low at such a critical period, but still have room to move in your shop. It helps you keep your stock in a safe, secure and clean location, without the need for tripping over your own feet.


At Blue Box Storage, we’re always happy to help people get ready for Christmas with self storage. If you would like to know more about our self storage solutions, just get in touch with your local centre today.

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