5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Beautify Your Home

The sun is out and the birds are singing. You know what that means? Spring is right around the corner! And with warmer weather comes the desire to have people round, fire up the barbecue and generally spend much more time in and around your own home, entertaining and relaxing. Now is a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning, declutter your house and get everything sparkling like it’s new, ready for an amazing summer. But if, like us, your annual spring cleaning leaves you feeling like you’ve forgotten something, don’t worry. We’ve written down the 5 things people most often forget to do when they’re spring cleaning, so you can make sure you tick every box this year!

Fridge And Freezer

How often do a fridge and freezer get a proper, thorough clean? Not very, unless you count throwing out old food or giving the drawers a rinse every now and again. Although pretty much everyone is guilty of it, it’s actually pretty dangerous and can cause sickness. Take this opportunity to give your fridge and freezer a deep clean, making sure to remove all the shelves to wash them separately. Once it’s sparkling, keep on top of this, giving them a wipe regularly and a deep clean every few months.

Under The Bed

There is a common phrase – ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – that we are pretty sure was created to describe the under-the-bed area of the home. Things get shoved under by accident, to get them out of the way or just to store them for a little while. And then you lose track, and the pile just gets bigger. This creates a breeding ground for dust and germs, and can cause serious issues to anyone with breathing problems, like asthmatics. So rather than hiding stuff away, take the opportunity to sort out the clutter and ditch the rubbish. If there’s anything you find that you aren’t quite ready to part with, consider hiring out a storage unit to store it, instead of under the bed. That way, you know where everything is, and under the bed is reserved for things you need, or even just empty space!


When was the last time you gave your bins a good scrub? As much as we would all like to avoid this job, it is important to keep the inside of your bin clean and dry to stop mould from growing. Because while we do use binbags to protect things – leaks to happen. This can leave your home smelling bad, no matter how many scented sprays you use. It will also attract flies and other nasties to make their home in your bin, spreading germs around your home. So, empty your bin out and soak it with hot water and washing up liquid. Once the water has cooled and the bin has been left for a few hours, completely empty it out and give it a good scrub. Finish with a scented multi-purpose spray and your bin will be sparkly clean.


Most people will remember that the outside of your cupboards needs to be cleaned, but not as many will remember the inside. The inside of your cupboards can get really grimy over time, and while the ones holding china or food get used and sorted fairly often, there are plenty of little cubbies in your kitchen (and the rest of your home) that will just amass clutter. The cupboard under the sink, for example, is typically used to store cleaning products, but it often the most disorganised cupboard of all. So before you start your spring clean, go around and make a list of all the cupboards in your house. Every single one. Then as you go around cleaning and tidying, tick them off when they are done. That way you will always remember even the littlest cupboard – like the bathroom cabinet!

Extractor Fans

I don’t know if you’ve ever look up at your extractor fan before, but odds are it’s filthy. Even if you don’t use them, extractor fans attract grease that flies up from your cooking, which acts like a magnet for dust. Mixed together, they turn into a lovely brown gunk that can solidify and be difficult to shift. If it’s left long enough, it can even start to give off an unpleasant, oily smell. A spring clean is a great opportunity to resent the clock on your extractor fan. If you can, remove the grating and run it through the dishwasher. Wash the entire extractor with warm water and washing up liquid. This will cut through the grease and reveal the shiny surface underneath!

Now that you’ve organised everything and got your home sparkly clean, it’s time to turn your attention to storage. While you were going through everything, you probably pulled out dozens of things that you haven’t used in years, or that you know you need, but don’t really need to keep in the house. Keeping your ‘non-daily’ items in one of Blue Box’s Self Storage solutions is the perfect way to free up space in your home and make it feel brand new again. We have units the size of lockers, right up to double garages, so there is bound to be something that suits you. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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