What Businesses Could Benefit From Self Storage?

Did you know that self storage isn’t just for personal use? It’s true! A lot of businesses make use of self storage solutions as a way to keep their equipment safe, lower their office rent rates or even to use as a workspace. After all, commercial spaces tend to charge by the square foot, so the less you use the less you pay. Self storage rates are much lower than office rates, which makes them ideal for equipment storage. But what kinds of businesses could benefit from using self storage?


Any kind of photography work includes a lot of equipment. Backdrops, lights, stands, umbrellas, props, cameras and more, some of which isn’t needed on every single shoot. And a lot of it tends to be pretty bulky! A storage unit is the perfect place to keep equipment that isn’t used every day. It’s secure, temperature controlled, spacious, and you can access it any time you like. We’ve even seen photographers use their units as a pop-up studio space, as it’s a quiet, open space that’s much cheaper than hiring a commercial studio, either permanently or on day rates. It’s also flexible, so if they need more or less space, they can upgrade or downgrade whenever they want.

Landscapers & Gardeners

Tool storage is always a difficult thing for tradespeople. They have a large number of high value items that are often a target for theft, which means they need to be stored securely when not in use. But they are also large and cumbersome, which means storing them at home is awkward or impossible. So you either need your own secure premises, or you need to hire a self storage unit. Storage units are incredibly secure, with CCTV, in-person security personnel, unique access codes/keys and built-in alarms, so your tools will always be safe.


Printers use a huge amount of raw materials in their day to day work, as well as keeping a wide range of products in stock ready for printing on demand for their customers. But like photographers, not all of this will be needed day to day. In fact, some of it might not be needed for months at a time! Rather than spending extra money every month on a retail space to keep all of this, many printers choose to use a self storage unit to store all of this excess stock. This gives them easy access to their stock when they need it, without cluttering up their shops.

eCommerce Businesses

The pandemic has seen a massive rise in the number of eCommerce businesses starting up, and a large number of them are being run from people’s homes. But most people don’t want to sacrifice a room (or two) in their house to keep their stock and packaging materials. Instead, they kit out a self storage space with shelving units to make stock easy to access, along with packaging stations that have everything they need to pack orders in the unit ready to post off. This keeps work and home life completely separate, and makes packaging and sending orders a breeze! At Blue Box Self Storage we specialise in self storage solutions for businesses, and are always happy to offer information and advice on how to set up and use your unit for business purposes. If you would like more information, just get in touch with the team today

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