Why Businesses Need Self-Storage

When we say ‘self-storage’, you might think of a space crammed with personal belongings. Things that won’t fit in the house anymore but that the owners can’t bear to part with yet. And for a lot of our units, you would be right. But we also service a lot of businesses in the area who need a flexible storage solution outside of their offices. Self-storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses owners. As more premium is put on space and rental rates are creeping up, businesses are looking for cheaper, simpler ways to store their business equipment. But what benefits does self-storage have for a business?

It’s convenient

Self-storage units and an amazingly convenient way to store stock, documents and anything else you need to store. They can also be great for other elements of your business. For example, not all businesses operate on the standard, Monday to Friday, 9-5 hours, and so most self-storage spaces will operate extended hours to accommodate you. Not only that, but many sites will also include meeting rooms, document destruction services and even take deliveries for you, so you don’t have to take big deliveries of product at your offices and move them there afterwards. Some sites will also offer loading or moving services, making it easier than ever to use their spaces.

 It’s secure

If you are working with stock or sensitive documentation, their security should be your number one concern. But how secure is your office really? Can anyone just walk in when it’s quiet or simply swipe a key card to gain entry? Self-storage spaces employ 24-hour security staff, CCTV and alarms to ensure the safety of your storage space. Let’s face it – a self-storage business wouldn’t have a very good reputation if they kept losing customer items to theft. Off-site storage is one of the most secure ways you can store business items, with security way above what most businesses can afford. It also helps you mitigate the risk of losing stock or documents due to fire, flood or some other mishap at your offices. And because you’re the only one with keys, you’re the only one who can get in.

 It’s flexible

Self-storage options come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and prices, so it’s never been easier to find the perfect option for you. If you only need to store small amounts of documentation, you can get a unit the size of a school locker. If you need to store large amounts of overflow stock, you can get one the size of a double garage. You can also easily increase or decrease the amount of space you need, allowing you to save money by scaling down when you don’t need as much space. And because there are flexible hire periods, you don’t have to be tied into a year-long contract at a certain rate – you can pay for what you’re using month by month and manage your money more effectively.

It’s really useful

Many companies need to archive data or paperwork in a physical format for long periods of time. If stored in an office, these archives would take up valuable space, reducing the amount of space available for actually running the company. Other businesses need to store products or equipment before sale, or valuable trade equipment which needs secure storage to prevent theft. If you’re changing offices, it’s easier to store the contents of the old office in a self-storage unit than cart it immediately to the new site – making moving into the new location is made smoother and less stressful. In a small business, you may find that during slow periods, stock may overflow and be difficult to manage. Temporarily using self-storage to hold these items can be better than cluttering up the sales space.

And there you have it – just 4 reasons why business self-storage could work for you. At Blue Box Storage, we have a number of unit sizes and extra services available for business customers, from delivery intake to mailing addresses and flexible storage space. To find out more about what we can offer your business, get in touch with us today.

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