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Storage Solutions – DIY vs Using A Self Storage Company

Now, you might think that DIY storage and self storage are the same thing – but you couldn’t be more wrong! DIY storage, in this case, means literally doing it yourself – storing things in your own home, or in your relatives’ homes – while self storage means using a dedicated, professional storage facility. If you’re thinking it might be time to store some of your extra belongings, you might be wondering which option is best for you, both in the long term and the short term. Well, to help you decide, we’ve compared the pros and cons of each option for you.

Your Home

Storing your extra belongings in the less-used areas of your own home can be a really useful solution, particularly in the beginning, when things are just starting to pile up. Using your own home means you can always access your belongings, no matter what time of day it is (though it may take a while depending on how well you’ve buried them)! It’s also a cheaper option since it won’t cost you anything to store things at home. A few of the spaces you might be able to use for storage in your home include:

  • The loft
  • A spare bedroom
  • The shed
  • The garage
  • Under the stairs 

There are, of course, downsides to using your own home as a storage solution. The first is that your home may quickly feel very crowded, and you may run out of usable space! If you have a lot of things to store, you might find yourself tripping over your belongings, and this can cause all sorts of problems. You will also, at some point, completely run out of space, and then you will need to consider moving to a self storage unit anyway.

Your home is also not as secure as a professional self storage unit – which will be equipped with 24/7 surveillance and security measures to protect your belongings. Whereas if you’re storing at home, your protection is only as good as your home security – and you may find yourself more vulnerable if you live in a high crime area. 

Self Storage

The main alternative to using your own home (or a relative’s) to store your items is hiring a self storage unit. These professional storage units are the ideal solution for any storage needs, big or small. They are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can move to bigger or smaller units as and when you need to, so you will never run out of space. It also means you free up space in your home, and can enjoy a clutter-free space to live in. Professional facilities are also much more secure – as we mentioned already they come equipped with a range of security measures and staff to ensure your possessions are protected 24/7. And most storage facilities will allow you either almost or complete round the clock access, so you can get to your belongings whenever you need to. The only downside really is that it costs you some money. But in reality, you could consider this payment in return for the promise of security, clean conditions and extra space in your home.

Boxes Are Important!

Of course, no matter which option you go for in terms of actual storage, we guarantee you will need one thing – boxes! And the type of box you chose is really important because it can have a huge impact on how you store things, how well they last and reduce the chance of damage (by time or accident). Most importantly, you want to find boxes that will do 2 things:

  1. Protect your items
  2. Save you space

This generally means you’re looking for plastic, stackable boxes in a variety of sizes. We recommend plastic boxes over cardboard because they are hardy and will protect the contents best, and they won’t lose their integrity over time, or if you pile too much inside.

If you can get all of them from the same place then you know they will be good quality and all stack together, which saves you a huge amount of space and means you’re getting more for your money. At Blue Box Self Storage we see a lot of different boxes come through the door, and a few of our favourite places to get your boxes are below, with links included so that you can shop around:

Remember, your storage boxes don’t need to be expensive to be effective – in fact the best ones are often pretty cheap!

At Blue Box Self Storage we want to ensure you get the most from your storage solution, whatever it may be. For most people, self storage is an affordable and convenient solution to their storage problems and can be hired on a flexible basis to suit their needs. If you would like to find out more about self storage, or visit one of our locations to find a unit size that will work for you, just get in touch with us today.

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